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ACC History

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ACC was founded by Joaquim D'souza and Sohail Bari.  In 2001 ACC started with two local team one was Ajmeri eleven and other one was Glenside Knights by Kahalid Pak and Indian Grocer.  As years have gone by ACC has been getting bigger and better. As of 2011 we have 39 teams.

Many people contributed to this league for its success, as always Ajmeri's were number one supporters and contributors for this league, Taha Bagia was the Captain of the team and showed his support to ACC since than.  Sharif Malim and Arif Mahmood were volunteer for web site.  Pragnesh Shah and his team mates bring good competition for this league. Shariq Ata and his  West Chicago team came and helped, Aijaz Baig continues to be with us as a contributor and player, Akshay Patel and Manish Varma from Patriots, Andy from Stallions, Nadeem and Abdu-Rehman also contributed with web site and Scheduling.  Rizvi Sahab did a great job to introduce with by laws and playing conditions rules. Haris and Arslan took charge of scheduling for last two years but more than that they make sure that every team submits their score cards on time and with accurate data.

Mir Ali and Owais Choudhri have a big hand in the expansion of this league, Owais joined this league with one ground and then Mir helped bring another one.

Salman and Irfan Khan have worked tirelessly with ACC for last 5 years and are doing a Great Job to promote cricket and promoting ACC.

Amrish Patel, Gaurav, Hemen, Tejas, Fenel, Arshad, Farhan, Affan, Rais, Sadiq, Arif, Mir, Mervyn, Nand, Lateef, Abbas, Haq, Qasim, Dilip, Prshant, and many others brought their teams to make this league strong and bring lot of good competition.

ACC has produced a lot of very talented players such as  Waseem Khan, Ashar Mehdi, Manan Patel, Sunny Sherma, Taha Bagia, Amir Khan, Manu Singh, Hashim Raza, Sunny Khan, Mir Ali, Hassan Hashmi, Arshad Khan, Qasim Khan, Mohit Saini, Abhijeet Joshi, Airaj Wahab, Pratik, Amjad Khan, Zeyad Imtiaz, Haris Imtiaz and many more .

 ACC also deeply misses our two youngsters who recently passed away but they will always be in our heart.  Analp Reshamwala and Vijay Patel (May God Blessed their Souls) ACC misses you.

 ACC is determined to promote game of cricket in Chicago land area and better cricket for its member teams.

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